CTH Y Reconditioning

CTH Y Reconditioning
Transportation | Roadway Design

CORRE completed the design of two projects totaling approximately five miles along the CTH Y corridor in Oneida County. This project had two separate WisDOT IDs due to funding and construction schedules, but design was completed as one corridor. This project consisted of pulverizing and overlaying the roadway, extensive clearing to provide a consistent roadway clear zone, intersection realignments, and other geometric improvements.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Coordination with local community
  • Design Study Report (DSR)
  • Environmental document
  • Hydraulics for culvert sizing
  • Intersection realignment
  • Preliminary and final roadway design
  • PS&E submittal
  • Rural resurfacing design
  • Traditional right of way plat
  • Wetland determination

Location: Oneida County, WI
Client: Oneida County, WI
Construction Cost: $1.9M
Client Type: State & Local Government