Short Street Reconstruction

Short Street Reconstruction
Transportation | Roadway Design

This project involved the redesign of Short Street to convert the 0.7-mile rural cross section city street into an urban section with a multi-use path and on-street bicycle lances. Prior to the 1970s, this roadway was formerly part of STH 37 and has since become a local city street. The roadway not only offers an important connection to state highways, but is one of four local street crossings over the Chippewa River which splits much of the city.

Project highlights included coordination with the WDNR due to the Chippewa River Trail crossing, grading for future bicycle connections to STH 37 and the Chippewa River trail, and completion of a flood analysis due to fill added within the Chippewa River floodplain.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Coordination with local municipality
  • Environmental documentation
  • Floodplain evaluation
  • Multi-modal design
  • Preliminary and final design plans
  • Real estate
  • Storm sewer design
  • Wetland determination

Location: Eau Claire County, WI
Client: City of Eau Claire
Construction Cost: $1M
Client Type: State & Local Government