CTH K Bridge and Roadway Rehabilitation

CTH K Bridge and Roadway Rehabilitation
Transportation | Structure & Roadway Design

This locally funded bridge rehabilitation project was completed under an accelerated design schedule in order for construction to be completed in conjunction with a larger roadway project. Work on this three-span continuous steel girder bridge over the Eau Claire River included painting steel girders and railings, embankment restoration, painting bearings, replacing joints, replacing downspouts, and adding curb and gutter to redirect surface flow away from abutments.

This bridge was located within the project limits of a three-mile rural reconditioning project also designed by CORRE. The 2.5-mile roadway project included design of both roadway reconstruction and roadway reconditioning. Improvements were made to both the horizontal and vertical alignments to meet a minimum 50 mph design speed. Extensive design was required due to many non-standard areas of existing beam guard. CORRE staff completed a wetland field work to determine the extent of wetlands impacted due to the project.

Right of way was required throughout portions of the project to accommodate the proposed design. A Transportation Project Plat (TPP) was prepared covering over 30 parcels. CORRE also completed a pavement design report and intersection evaluation for the existing four-way stop intersection of CTH K and CTH Q to evaluate potential issues and improvements needed.

CORRE developed all bidding documents and assisted with advertising and bidding the combined project for the County.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Agency coordination
  • Environmental permitting
  • Intersection evaluations
  • Pavement design report
  • Preliminary and final roadway design
  • Preliminary and final structure design
  • Transportation project plat
  • Wetland delineation

Location: Eau Claire County, WI
Client: Eau Claire County
Construction Cost: $1.9M
Client Type: State & Local Government