This fall, CORRE reached an exciting milestone—100 employees! 

“In 2010, there were five people at CORRE,” says Troy Gagner, President and CEO. “Timesheets and expense reports were done in excel, and between working nights on I-94 and days in the Local Program Management role, I was our HR and IT lead… Scary!” 

Over the past 12 years, CORRE has grown from a 400-square-foot office to a state-wide firm with six offices covering all WisDOT Regions. We are so incredibly thankful for our dedicated staff, as we would not have gotten this far as a company without everyone’s hard work. 

Construction Services Director, Chris Nies adds “Honestly, it doesn’t feel like we have reached 100 employees, as we still embody a family atmosphere around here. Now we simply have more folks to join in a game of bags, participate in our potlucks, and reach out to for questions/guidance.” 

Transportation Services Director, Kevin Meyer, also adds, “I remember having discussions with staff in years past regarding ‘where is CORRE headed?’ Reaching 100 coworkers was never a specific milestone, the goal has always been adding quality people to our team and staying true to who we are.”  

“I am truly humbled and honored by the growth. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, I am so grateful to work with, and for, all of you.”  

Troy Gagner, CORRE President/CEO

“The #1 reason this milestone is special is because of Troy Gagner,” says Chris Nies. He is the nucleus for our growth and success. It is amazing to watch him gather individuals that create such growth and success. The second through 100th reason this milestone is special is each and every employee that makes CORRE strong. Every single person here, and their families, truly contribute to other employees’ personal and career success.” 

On that note – the 101st reason this milestone is special could potentially be YOU – as this is only a stepping milestone and not the pinnacle. We have so many possibilities ahead of us and ways to grow as individuals as well as a company, that we’re more excited now than ever.