A Day in the Field

Today we are showcasing a “day in the field” with construction engineer Joe Oliveira. We interviewed Joe about what a typical day in the field looks like.

How do you start a day of fieldwork?
I start my day with an early morning drive through the project site. Then I stop at the field office to grab needed equipment and supplies before heading back out to meet with the contractor in the field.

What are some unique challenges to working in the field?
Since weather can change drastically from morning into the afternoon, I need to always be prepared with rain gear and extra layers. Public involvement can be another challenge. Sometimes I am the first line of communication with the public and property owners. It is important to always remain polite and respectful when addressing a wide variety of opinions and concerns.

What’s your favorite part of working in the field?
I love the outdoors! Though weather can sometimes be difficult, nothing beats the freedom of being outside when compared to a desk job. Also, it helps me with my 10k daily steps!

How is safety incorporated into your daily routine?
Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is a requirement and a must for everybody in the field. Before stepping out of my truck, I always make sure I have everything I need. Sometimes an extra trip back to the field office is warranted if I don’t have something such as earplugs or safety goggles. Even though it might delay things on the job, safety should always come first.

All photo and video on this post are of the STH 82 Reconstruction in Adams County,