Wisconsin River Crossing Bathymetric Survey

Wisconsin River Crossing Bathymetric Survey
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The Wisconsin River crossing on STH 130 consisted of three bridges that were in need of replacement. The project study determined the appropriate location and structure type for the STH 130 Wisconsin River Crossing structure. Several options, including the existing alignment, were evaluated for the new structures.

As a subconsultant, CORRE completed the survey work for this project which included a bathymetric survey of the river bottom utilizing a sonar unit on a boat. The survey scope included cross sections at upstream and downstream faces of the existing structures, as well as 190 acres of river bathymetric survey. LiDAR scanning was used to model river banks, low chord and surface water elevations at downstream (railroad bridge) and upstream (STH 23) structures, as well as stream bed characteristics.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Bathymetric survey
  • Boat-mounted survey
  • LiDAR scanning
  • Riverbank modeling
  • Streambed characteristics
  • Surface water elevations

Location: Iowa & Richland Counties, WI
Client: WisDOT Southwest Region
Client Type: Consultant/State Agency