Pike River Trail Multi-Use Path

Pike River Trail Multi-Use Path
Transportation | Non-Traditional/Multi-Use Path Design

This 1.5-mile multi-use path was built within county right of way along STH 31 and CTH KR. Design challenges included significant wetland crossings, high-volume adjacent vehicular traffic, signalization and intersection improvements, and numerous structure additions and modifications. The Pike River Trail is an important connection for the County’s bike/pedestrian plan as it provides a north-south link to a future northern trail designed by the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

With WisDOT funds and jurisdiction involved, interagency coordination was key in keeping the project on-track. CORRE’s guidance navigating through the red tape led to successful final design concepts.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Boardwalk/structure design
  • Endangered species coordination
  • HazMAT investigation
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Pedestrian safety improvements
  • Public outreach
  • Railroad coordination
  • Right of way plat
  • Section 106 and 4(f) documentation
  • State and local permitting
  • Trail design
  • Wetland delineation

Location: Kenosha County, WI
Client: Kenosha County, WI
Construction Cost: $1.2M
Client Type: State & Local Government