CTH WG over Dutch Gap Canal

CTH WG over Dutch Gap Canal
Transportation | Structure Design

This rural design project included approach work and the complete replacement of the existing single-span bridge that carries CTH WG over the Dutch Gap Canal in the Village of Bristol. The overall project length is approximately 600 feet. The new structure is a single-span concrete slab superstructure with an overall length of 46 feet, supported on Type A1 abutments. Structure and concrete approach slabs were incorporated at the request of the County. The new structure features a clear width of 40 feet between the concrete parapets.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Design Study Report (DSR)
  • Environmental documents (CEC)
  • Final PS&E documents
  • Preliminary and final roadway plans
  • Preliminary and final structure plans
  • Survey

Location: Kenosha County, WI
Client: Kenosha County, WI