CTH D Reconditioning, Trempealeau County

CTH D Reconditioning
Transportation | Roadway Design

CORRE was selected to design this locally-funded four-mile-long roadway reconditioning and reconstruction project which involved pulverizing and overlaying the existing pavement, widening the shoulders, and flattening foreslopes. Some minor adjustments to the profile and alignment were made to minimize grading and right of way impacts. There were also several large culverts on the project that were sized and replaced. CORRE completed a wetland delineation and agency coordination for permitting. In addition, a right of way plat was prepared for unavoidable grading outside of the existing corridor.

Key Elements/Deliverables
  • Right of way plat
  • Preliminary and final roadway plans
  • Survey
  • Final PS&E
  • Bidding documents
  • Wetland delineation

Location: Trempealeau County, WI
Client: Trempealeau County, WI