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Fundraising Campaigns for Parks and Trails

CORRE’s grant specialists are skilled in fundraising—in both the public and private realm. Our team can help you secure alternate funding for projects that otherwise may “sit on the shelf” for many years to come. We work with you to match project types with appropriate partners to assure success in funding requests. With an extensive menu of services, CORRE can help with one small aspect of the project or can handle all outreach for you.

Grant Research and Planning

  • Grant “matching” report – best fits based on project
  • Detailed cost estimate
  • Narratives specific to grant applications
  • Report on potential challenges and the timing /cost implications

Fundraising Packet

  • Audience specific cover letter
  • Cover
  • Project synopsis: history/need/timeline
  • Funding synopsis: secured/needed/benefits and levels of sponsorship
  • Illustrations
  • Letters of support from community members


  • Photos of what is there now
  • Graphics/statistics on the need
  • Visualizations/concept renderings
  • Existing support
  • Funding synopsis

Public Awareness

  • Press releases and feature stories keyed towards the need
  • Follow-up with plans for the future...
Project Portfolio