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Corridor Cost Estimates

Corridor cost estimates are typically completed during the early planning stages of large projects in order to get a realistic idea of total real estate costs. This enables informed decision-making and includes items such as land acquisitions, appraisal deliveries, relocations, demolitions, and other items. Construction costs compared to acquisition costs can help determine if it is worth the effort to avoid improvements and/or relocations. Oftentimes it is beneficial or required to have several corridor routes available to evaluate prior to determining the preferred corridor as shown in Figure 1.

CORRE's comprehensive team of real estate specialists can provide the following:

  • Corridor alternatives evaluation
  • Property owners and land user identification
  • 4(f), 6(f), and wetland property identification
  • Public meeting participation to address real estate acquisition and relocation process to owners
  • Detailed analysis of preferred corridor(s)
  • Several levels of cost estimates based on your needs
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