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Statewide Historical Master Contract Project Profile

Various Counties, WisDOT ID M0697-21-61


  • WisDOT Central Office


  • 2015 - ongoing

Various Counties, WisDOT ID M0697-21-61

CORRE was selected by WisDOT’s Environmental Section for one of two Historical Master contracts to deliver Section 106 Historical documentation for projects around the state. Deliverables on this WisDOT Master Contract include:

  • Conducting historical investigations on WisDOT roadway and bridge projects
  • Completing Section 106 documentation in accordance with the Survey Manual and WisDOT Facility Development Manual
  • Coordinating with various historical societies in the area of specific projects

CORRE’s experience beyond our historians is a great benefit to this master contract work. While the primary focus of this work is historical documentation completed by our accomplished historians, CORRE is also a full service engineering firm. We have additional staff who are familiar with the WisDOT process, the screening protocol, and how this historical documentation needs to fit with both the project’s design and other documentation. By utilizing our in house staff, we can ensure that the reconnaissance surveys and Determinations of Eligibility we prepare fully address the project’s APE and the overall purpose and need. By utilizing this experience, we can streamline the process and ensure not only that documentation is prepared expertly the first time, but that it is useful and understandable to all the stakeholders in the Facilities Development Process.

CORRE is responsible for completing the historical documentation portion of the Section 106 Review including all the steps from establishing the Area of Potential Effects, to gathering data by means of archival research, outreach to the local historical society, and a field review and concluding with a report meeting the format and substance set forth in the Survey Manual.