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CTH M Section 4(f) Documentation Project Profile

CTH M Section 4(f) Documentation


  • WisDOT Central Office


  • Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Dane County, WisDOT ID 5992-09-81

CORRE was utilized by WisDOT Central Office environmental section to re-write and update the Section 4(f) documentation for the CTH M reconstruction project in Dane County. This was a complex Section 4(f) evaluation as six Section 4(f) properties were within the project’s area of potential affect.

CTH M is located on the west side of the Madison urbanized area and a portion of the roadway runs parallel to US 12. As a National Highway System route, CTH M is of great importance to the area’s system linkage and as its role as an alternate route for US 12 during crashes and other emergencies that may cause major delays or closures on the west side of Madison. Complicating matters was that one of the major intersections on the project that required expansion to function properly (CTH PD and CTH M) had Section 4(f) resources in two quadrants and a large electric substation in the third.

The Section 4(f) documentation completed for this project is summarized in the table below.

Property Official with Jurisdiction Type of Section 4(f) Evaluation Activities/Uses on Property
Schroeder-Stickelberg-Thompson Farmstead State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) & Property Owner Individual Section 4(f) Historic farmstead eligible for National Registry of Historic Places
University Ridge Golf Course University of Wisconsin Board of Regents De Minimis Public Recreational Facility (Golf Course utilizes approximately 370 of these acres)
Ice Age Trail Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) & U.S. National Parks Service (NPS) De Minimis Recreational Trail
Dane County Parkland Dane County Parks Division De Minimis Open space (natural landscape)
Ice Age Junction Path City of Madison (project sponsor) & Dane County Parks Division None All conditions for “Temporary Occupancy” listed in 23 CRF 774.13 (d) are satisfied.
Unnamed Path (adjacent to Ineichen Drive) City of Verona (project participant) None All conditions for “Temporary Occupancy” listed in 23 CRF 774.13 (d) are satisfied.