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Little Chute Canal Bridge Section 4(f) Evaluation Project Profile

Little Chute Canal Bridge Section 4(f) Evaluation


  • WisDOT Central Office


  • Fall 2014

Village of Little Chute, Outagamie County, WisDOT ID 4990-03-00

CORRE was utilized by WisDOT Central Office environmental section to rewrite and update the Section 4(f) documentation for the replacement of a historic lift bridge in the Village of Little Chute. This was a complex Section 4(f) evaluation as five Section 4(f) properties were within the project’s area of potential effect.

The original access, bridge P-44-0706, was a single leaf, trunnion-type bascule lift bridge that was built in 1928 according to the plans of Strauss Engineering Corporation. Adjacent to the bridge in the southeast quadrant is a small brick structure that functioned as the bridge’s mechanical room and is a contributing element to the historical district. The structure was located entirely on Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) property and spanned the Little Chute Canal (a nationally recognized water trail) connecting Mill Street to an existing pathway in Island Park.

CORRE staff was responsible for rewriting the original Section 4(f) document which gained approval from the US DOA, Department of Interior (DOI), and FHWA. CORRE staff also developed the overall purpose and need for the project to be utilized in the project’s environmental document.

Key Elements

  • Little Chute Canal Bridge and Lock House
  • Little Chute Lock and Dam Historic District
  • Little Chute Canal
  • Little Chute Trail
  • Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway Water Trail (U.S. Department of Interior recreation trail) Island Park