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CORRE believes in providing solutions and results. We feel that clients are most concerned with three major issues as they engage the services of consultants; Quality, Timeliness, and Cost. The following qualities support this statement.

  • Communication - We will have open lines of communication to ensure project understanding and expectations. You will have a direct line at all times to get answers, status updates, and results immediately. Our employees are provided with the most current technology and management direction to be available at all times.
  • Quality, Project Development Processes, and Schedules - Since the firm was originally established in 2005, we have surrounded our engineers and project managers with some of the best support staff in the industry. These people are accomplished professionals and extremely proficient and productive. Our staff also understands the whole process through and through. From our engineers to our technicians and real estate professionals, they understand their roles and how it affects overall project development.
  • Cost and Peace of Mind - Having a consultant deliver you a quality product with a smile and an excellent working relationship is very important to CORRE. We will do just that. By being well organized, productive, and cost effective, we are able to maintain very low overhead costs. We negotiate contracts quickly and efficiently so to start as soon as possible to deliver your project on or ahead of schedule.

Mission Statement

Quality individuals nurture quality work. We invest in our employees to provide flexible and quality engineering, design, and construction services with a technologically innovative and market-sensitive approach.

Our mission is to assure our clients that their interests are in good hands. By maintaining an employee friendly atmosphere, we can provide the talent level of service our clients demand.